Tree Removal

Price’s Tree Service has extensive experience with tree removal and we are happy to provide free estimates for your tree removal needs.

Tree removal is an important decision that is not easily undone and can affect your property for many years. It can take decades to replace a mature tree. Please consider tree pruning as an alternative to outright removal of a tree.

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Of course, there are many situations where tree removal is the right answer.

Dangerous Rotten Tree

This large tree is rotten and a great danger to the home a short distance away.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • Dying or diseased trees for safety and aesthetics
  • Interference with power and other utility lines
  • Trees overgrown and threatening the home or other structures
  • Fallen trees that need to be removed right away
  • Fall cleanup has become too big a nuisance as trees have grown
  • Tree shading the yard, garden or home too much
  • To enhance your views of the beautiful Appalachian landscapes

When considering a tree removal project, you will need to decide if it is something you can take on yourself. Many times, hiring a professional tree service makes more sense.

A Large Limb Has Fallen on This Structure

Should you hire a professional tree service to remove your tree?

 Ask yourself the following questions, then decide if you want to hire a pro.

Is the tree very large and hard to handle on your own?

Is the tree leaning in the wrong direction or entangled with other trees?

Is the tree close to your home or other vulnerable structure such as fences?

Do you have the necessary equipment, time and skills to take down the tree?

Do you have the necessary equipment, time and skills to clean up after felling the tree?

Are there power lines or other utility connections threatened by the tree?

Is the tree close to a property line or within range of striking your neighbor’s property?

Are you insured against anything that might go wrong during a DIY tree removal?

Even if you are considering DIY tree removal, we recommend speaking with a professional group like Price’s Tree Service.

An experienced professional will likely be aware of issues and considerations that the average homeowner might not think to consider.

You’ll probably learn something from the conversation.

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Planning for Tree Removal

At Price’s Tree Service we take every tree removal project very seriously. We want to absolutely minimize the possibility of property damage, personal injury, and liability issues.

We approach each estimate or job first and foremost from a safety perspective. The question we are asking is: How do we safely remove this tree?

Always make sure to check local ordinances and neighborhood association rules for any restrictions or rules regarding tree removal.

Obviously a small tree on the edge of a field is an easy tree to chop down. There are still the issues of chipping and disposing of the brushy parts of the tree, cutting down the trunk and substantial limbs to manageable pieces or even firewood, transporting the wood, grinding out the stump, and cleaning up all the debris. Even a small 6” diameter tree can become quite a project.

When we fell a tree, we are looking at escape routes for our personnel. We are checking for rot and decay spots that might influence the direction the tree falls. We are planning our undercuts and back cuts, and thinking about how to rope the tree to guide it down.

When the tree is quite large and in close quarters to structures or other trees, even more careful consideration is required. Large trees are typically cut into smaller pieces that are guided to the ground safely using a variety of means. These types of jobs are typically beyond the capabilities of most homeowners.

Challenging Tree Removals

The bucket truck or crane truck allows us to work up in the tree quickly and efficiently. It allows us to offer reasonable prices where it is not possible to fell the tree before cutting it up. This piece of equipment is quite expensive, but the convenience and safety of cutting from the truck are unmatched.

In some cases vehicle access is not an option. The tree may also simply be to tall for equipment to reach all the way to the top. At this point our service professionals will need to actually climb the tree. Each piece of the tree that is cut out by the climber is carefully considered for size, weight, and how it will fall. Many pieces will require specialized rigging to guide the piece to the ground.

This specialized skill set requires a lot of experience, gear, knowledge. The tree climber will be working with crew members on the ground who help guide and gather the cut pieces. Communication and experience working together is critical.

Tree Removal Cleanup

Once the tree is down, some of the hardest work begins. Limbing the tree can actually be quite dangerous, particularly on a slope or if the tree has fallen on smaller trees. The customer has several decisions to make about this phase that will affect the cost of removing the tree.

How will the small branches and brushy bits of the tree be disposed of? Burning may be an option particularly in a larger property out in the county. However, this may take more time and preparation than it is worth. Some local governments may provide removal service for brush or wood, and if so we can cut the pieces accordingly.

Price’s Tree Service can also chip small branches and even small trees using our high end equipment. Small DIY chippers from home improvement stores might cost under a thousand dollars. They typically have limited size capacity, cannot practically be used to process a lot of material quickly, and are prone to breakage when used heavily. Our large professional quality chipping machines cost upwards of $50,000 new, and are designed to reliably process truckloads of material each day.

We can haul off the wood chips for you, although many homeowners prefer to keep them for gardening, composting, and landscaping. Keep in mind the chips may be a little bit rougher than expensive garden mulch products.

Using A Compact Track Loader to Remove Huge Logs from Tree Work Site

If the tree is large there may be a substantial amount of wood that cannot be fed through the chipper from the trunk and larger branches. The wood can be hauled off or left in manageable pieces for processing to firewood. We can also cut, split and stack the wood for your convenience. This is an important consideration in preparing your estimate.

Price’s Tree Service has a complete fleet of heavy equipment for any tree removal job. We own our stump grinding equipment and are happy to provide this service. The tree stump is typically ground down several inches below the surface, so that you can sod or seed the area and have a smooth surface for easy mowing. The grinding creates a fair amount of wood chips which we can rake around smoothly, or at your request, entirely remove. Make sure to let us know your preference in advance as it will affect the estimate.

Final Cleanup from Tree Removals

We’ll pay attention to the little details and treat your property with the respect it and you deserve. We’ll rake up all the bits of debris including branches and leaves while smoothing any ground disturbed by the fallen tree. We’ll also blow debris off your roof, driveway, patios and walkways.

We service Northeast Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Tree Removal Costs

It is hard to generalize about the cost of removing a tree without taking a look at the tree and the surroundings. Price’s Tree Service is happy to meet to discuss your concerns and requirements in order to provide a free estimate.

Most of our tree removal jobs are in the $800 to $1,600 range for a single good sized tree. This includes our insurance, tree removal, chipping, stump grinding, hauling and cleanup. We also do plenty of quick simple jobs for less, and of course a really big or challenging situation can cost well more. Our customers tend to choose Price’s Tree Service over our competitors because are rates are competitive, we can provide plenty of great references, and you get to deal directly with the owner of the company who is going to be running your job.

Building a tree service company is quite expensive. There is a lot of heavy equipment involved: bucket truck, chip truck, tractor, trailers, stump grinder, chipper machine, power tools, climbing and safety gear. And of course the insurance! It costs well over $100,000 to start a full-service tree company.

Price’s Tree Service provides the highest quality tree service at affordable rates. Part of our strategy for accomplishing this is to buy quality used equipment and then completing repairs and improvements ourselves. Other companies may show up with equipment that looks shinier and newer, but their big bank payments will show up in your estimates. Be assured that we’ll do every bit as good a job, if not better, than the crews in those expensive shiny trucks.

Thanks for reading! My name is Jason Price, and I’d love to meet you and quote your tree removal job for you.

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