Tree Pruning or Trimming

Price’s Tree Service offers a full range of tree service options including tree pruning or tree trimming. We offer free estimates here in our service area in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

What is the difference between pruning and trimming? Not much – most people use these terms interchangeably. Tree service professionals and arborists tend to use the word pruning.

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Sometimes even a “small” tree pruning job requires the big gear.

Tree Pruning in Greeneville TN

Pruning implies a concern for the ongoing health and growth of the tree. Even when tree pruning is done for other reasons, our tree service professionals want to make sure that the tree continues to thrive.

Tree Pruning Goals

  • Remove loose or damaged branches
  • Protect structures or utility lines
  • Preserve or improve the views
  • Stimulate or direct tree growth
  • Increase the yield of fruit trees
  • Clear obstructions from low branches
Tree Trimming in Marshall NC

Aggressive pruning at the right time of year can improve tree health and bring some sunlight back into your yard.

Plan Ahead

You want to make sure to trim your trees back at the right time of year considering both the tree species and the goal of the pruning. Unless you are reacting to a dangerous or timely situation, tree pruning is best avoided during the early Fall. Spring blooming trees are best pruned after the blooming cycle, frequently in June. Summer flowering trees are generally best trimmed back in Spring or during Winter.

By pruning your trees proactively, you can make sure that the trimming takes place at the right time of year. Contact your tree services professional to plan ahead if you can. You are better off trimming proactively than waiting for a diseased or damaged branch to fall and cause problems.


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Men Pruning Tree With a Large Pole Saw

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